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Pamporovo Area

Pamporovo is located in the interior of the Rhodopi mountain at 1650 meters above sea level, right at the foot of the mountain peak Snejanka. It is situated roughly 220 kilometers away from Sofia, 85 kilometers south of Plovdiv, and15 kilometers north of Smolian town. The main tourist flow in Pamporovo is during the winter months because the resort has been adapted mainly for ski and snowboarding sports. Nearly all ski tracks at the resort start from the mountain peak Snejanka, as their height above sea level ranges from 1926 down to 1400 meters above sea level. Due to its friendly and beautiful nature, the area is visited by tourists also summertime.


The Rhodopi Mountain is unique in comparison with all other Bulgarian mountains because people have been living there since prehistoric times till present day and during your travels around the area you will see picturesque villages with exceptionally beautiful old houses, ancient arch bridges, chapels and mosques. Such charming villages are Chepelare, Shiroka Luka, Stoykite, and Gela. The tiny mountain town Chepelare is situated in a picturesque way on the two banks of the river Chaya and one may see many gardens and flowers in it. It is surrounded by century-old forests, high mountain pastures that together with the crystal clear water of the river preserve the spirit of the ancient Rhodopi mountain. The village of Shiroka Luka had been declared an architectural and a folklore reserve. It is famous  for its remarkable architecture, but also for its folk songs, which are accompanied by Bulgarian bagpipe music. Stoykite village is located in the very heart of the Rhodopi mountain, only 15 kilometers away from the district center of Smolian town and 7 kilometers away from the ski resort Pamporovo.


The caves “Uhlovitsa”, “Diavolsko gurlo” and Yagodinska cave are located near the village Stoikite.  Gela village is located at the foot of the most magnificent mountain peaks in the Rhodopi mountain-peak Goliam Perelik, Orpheus peak and peak Turlata.


One of the most interesting places that you may visit while staying at the Rhodopi Mountain is the fortress Perperikon. The fortress was built on the remains of an ancient Thracian sanctuary, as it has been for centuries the holiest place for worship in these lands. The complex includes a fortress wall, an acropolis and a dwelling complex. The nature in the area has created one of the most popular touristic attractions in Bulgaria – the Cave Devil's Throat, the Cave Uhlovitsa, the Cave Yagodinska, the Weird Bridges, the Canyon of Waterfalls.