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Investor Zone


We offer two property investment options, which are designed to meet diverse investors’ goals.


  • Personal use and letting.

This option is the most popular one, suitable for those who would like to use their properties personally, share with family and friends or implement the highly popular holiday home "swap" . Owners will benefit from using their property for as long as they wish and rent it during the rest of the year. The Stream Pamporovo is delighted to have signed a contract with BG Properties for the Rental Management of the properties. BG Properties is running various advertising campaigns such as local and international advertisements in the press and travel media, internet advertising through our website and our affiliated network. BG Properties has teamed up with some of the leading local and international tour operators and travel agents promoting Stream Resort, which will guarantee the highest possible occupancy, giving you a good return on your investment.


  • For a ski-Spa holiday home.

For those who would prefer to use their apartments only personally, as holiday homes, to share with family members or friends and not rent out, there is the option of buying unfurnished Stream Resort residential real estates. The client may opt to buy the standard Stream Resort furniture pack or furnish their apartment or house themselves.